… Instead, I can ride with a more open and relaxed hand, and my grip remains strong toward the day’s final descent. Your complete guide to Trickstuff on Vital MTB. £14.99 (1) Trickstuff. I have had system leaks that the Camelback ‘ose was handy for… Ever had a House of Color paint scheme Dura-Ace Brake Pad Inserts for Carbon Rims. If you squeeze nearly any other brake set that’s been used daily for more than six months, at least one of the pistons will move like a cold turtle — affecting the overall power and performance of the brake. [Survey], Gabriel Wibmer is Flipping Out Downhill [Video]. Trickstuff . I try to keep it in the brakes and off my skin. Is it far ahead of it’s time? 6,445 people like this. Trickstuff, Merzhausen. I have eyeballed the Trickstuff brakes in the past and while I would love to have em on my bikes, hell, I’d just as soon go for a custom Ti through Waltly with pinion drive, why not pull out all the stops! I paid close attention to piston movement and contraction with these brakes. Can I afford a set on every bike? Not Now. 20 ans d'expérience - Grande sélection - Livraison rapide - Trusted Shop et conseils personnalisés. Posts. “World cup racers and former world champions asked us to accelerate the wheel change during a cross country race after a puncture. The oft-incremental nuances of that new model are its innovation, and we inch toward better bikes accordingly. My intent isn’t to say that DOT is bad for your bike, rather that it’s not something I want on my body. Then I got used to them. Widgets, Explore   Be the first to rate this product can be shipped in about 12-15 months 220.00 € Price incl. Events. If you read through the description of the new Direttissima by Trickstuff on their homepage, you quickly realize that the Freiburgers are fully convinced of their product. Trickstuff also designs brake pads to fit nearly every MTB braking system on the market. The sculpted quad-piston caliper features teflon seals and can dish out enough power to stop a charging bull, effortlessly the most powerful brake in the test. You must login to Pinkbike. While sitting in the gondola at Pila Bike park, my front wheel flopped sideways causing my brake lever to hit something hard enough that the lever fitting inside the hose snapped. The progressivity that Jan mentioned begins where you would normally start squeezing the lever harder to add power, allowing you to maintain consistent pressure on the lever as it ramps up for you. Trickstuff BB 630 Power Brake Pads for Formula R1, The One, Mega, RX, RO, C1, Cura The Power pad with highest braking force and low wear for Formula disc brakes. Not all mountain bike gear needs to be budget-friendly. The brakes are then assembled to the customer’s specifications in their Freiburg factory. Riders who experience a great deal of arm pump or hand pain on long descents will love these brakes. Schneller langsamer werden. While riders living outside of Europe might have to order the fitting and swap it themselves, it’s nice to know that customer service is a high priority for the team at Trickstuff. Trickstuff DIRETTISSIMA. The installation with our brake rotors is much easier and visually it is also an eye-catcher. It is a water cleanup, so that is a bonus. A sizable hunk of innovation happens in reaction to something rather than out of necessity. £43.99. £26.99. As for DOT being “caustic”, this is patently false! SRAM guide R Enfin fiable mais manque de constance. Ordered Trickstuff Piccola's from R2 bikes. Enter your email address to receive our top stories via email each week. Dirt Lab: Creating a Grassroots Skills Park and Trail Building... Mountain Biking Through the Rocky Trail of Grief. Given their price and claims of precision, I had high expectations that the pistons would compress and retract all together at a consistent rate without much change over time. Log In. The Stealth option is available in Trickstuff’s two most popular brakes – the gravity 4-piston Direttissima & lightweight 2-piston Piccola with the alloy lever blade. or. Terms | Privacy, First published November 21, 2020 @ 5:09:13. £8.79. tedenx, 7 oct. 6 /10. derailleur83, 31 août 2018. Trickstuff Direttissima vs SRAM Code RSC Long story short, my SRAM Level Ultimate brakes with 180 f/r rotors are lacking in power. That added power allows me to ride faster with less hand fatigue, and to incur additional risk knowing that these brakes have my back. Trickstuff. Achetez des pièces et des accessoires pour votre vélo de Trickstuff de manière pratique et sécurisée dans la boutique en ligne de bike-components. Will it damage painted surfaces, Yus, will it damage anodized surfaces, nope. *per brake (exept Magura´s MT Trail which have different calipers for front and rear and thereforeonly come as a set**front + rear, w/o rotors Trickstuff Direttissima C'est beau, léger et ça freine. In our sporty little subculture, when brand Z sees that … In addition, the solution is visually much more elegant than a pressed version.”, At the far end of the hose, things are a touch simpler. They are a very small company, and these recent changes should mean good things to come. Stealth brakes are sold in matching pair sets font & rear for 850€. The lever feel is notably light and smooth, as Jan noted above, requiring less energy from your finger to actuate than other top-shelf speed-scrubbers. Trickstuff Direttissima Brakes - Review. 6.3K likes. Starting at the master cylinder, Jan says “the BMC piston is 20% smaller than standard pistons and the mechanical ratio of the lever blade is higher and more progressive (knee lever effect) which results in a much higher hydraulic pressure at a given finger force.” In short, the design allows riders to apply increasingly more pressure to the brake fluid with less input from the finger. The brakes come with a biodegradable fluid that’s similar to mineral oil, and you can replace it with mineral oil in a pinch. I fully understand being overly protective. Asked about the pinchy end of the brake, Jan said, “The calipers feature the same piston diameters as most competitors, and their stiffness isn’t bad either. Trickstuff. The four-piston Direttissima brakes from Trickstuff cost €450 each, reflecting their top-shelf 7075 alloy materials and performance-obsessed engineering. Feb 24, 2017 . Trickstuff. BREAKING LIMITS: The DH-R EVO Brake Development Story [Video], What Size Rotors are you Running? Singletracks Merch | Most riders who truly care about pad position have a pocket full of tricks to dial the plungers in during the bleed process, so this shouldn’t be an issue. I gave them full season to get them as much break in time and while I love the modulation, I just dont feel comfortable on my rides, thinking to much during downs when and how to break. € 14, 28* Trickstuff Brakes – Excellently priced Trickstuff products at bikester.co.uk – Best selection of Brakes online! Now for a brief vignette. That paint scheme is stupid expensive however, no other color lineup comes close to bitchen as House of Color! Company   I asked Jan how they could be so quick and simple to align, where most calipers from the competition require some fiddling to find the quiet spot. You can dial the lever blade back for kid’s hands, or out for adult mitts far larger than mine, but the pad position remains fixed. Not all of the Trickstuff refinements are performance-based. Trickstuff's NG+ brake pads share the same shape as Shimano, to make finding replacements simple. … I found myself wanting to tape a reminder to that bike that reads “über powerful brakes” after my first few rides with these super-charged stoppers. Made im Schwarzwald. 109 check-ins. Standard 860ST Brake Pads SRAM Level/Red grey. PM-PM Disc Adapter +43mm CNC black. Best Bike Trails | No, not completely, as the Direttissima design is based on the pistons of … A repair of the brake hose can be done without much trouble. – Shop now & save! Before jumping into the review, we want to point out that every element of the Direttissima brakes, apart from the pads, is designed and made in Germany. This is practical and saves resources. The caliper bodies are made of 7075 T6 aluminum and are entirely CNC machined. Community. These beautiful pieces of machinery are as powerful and comfortable as mountain bike brakes get — for now. The work that Trickstuff engineers are doing to make top-quality brakes without compromise shows all of the other companies how high they can jump. Jan mentioned that the way the hose attaches to the lever is also unique, and offers a pair of advantages. A solution was needed. A lot of good gravity brakes start to lose power as the pistons extend and the pads wear thin, but that hasn’t been the case with these. by Paul Aston Follow Following. Arthur Green 19 May 2018. The new E-Nox pad has 25% more pad material thanks to a thinner backing plate, ready to slow the heft of e-bikes and promising bonus miles between pad purchases. Brian, I deal with DOT on a routine basis. Dächle-Disc HD Dächle-Disc UL Rohloff Quad Brake Accessory. Also manual are in Germany only. Feb 24, 2017 - Is spending nearly four figures trying to slow your bike down really worth it? Forgot account? Your wallet will be sad to know that Jan’s statements around precise machining and functionality are all true. Surely we can’t all afford a set of Formula1-level brakes like these, but it’s good to know that there is something this good out there. The brake power mainly comes from the architecture of the master cylinders. Business Service in Merzhausen. For the rest of us, the pads contact the rotor with just a few millimeters of lever throw, so we’re good to go. Trickstuff says they developed the Maxima after finding that SRAM Code & Magura MT7 brakes matched the Direttissima’s performance, and they knew they could deliver more stopping power without much weight penalty. Once this lever-feel became intuitive all of the brakes on my other bikes felt underpowered and barbaric. I was dead set on Code RSC as upgrade but I started reading and googling … For some comparisons, my Shimano Saints feel plenty powerful, but I have to be careful with the lever’s brief modulation as it will lock up the tire with very little movement. Create New Account. Now we have to wait for brand Z to react to that higher standard while these German engineers continue to improve their already impressive products. - Trickstuff Direttissima (mineral oil compatible, Shimano pads compatible, so I only have to stock one pad and one fluid between this and my Shimano bike on a trip) [correction, Direttissima and M9120 M8020 use different pads] - Hayes Dominion A4 (by all accounts, seems like a good Direttissima alternative. Trickstuff's Directissima brakes already had a reputation for being incredibly powerful (and expensive), but the German company decided to take things even further. I don’t find myself squeezing with all of my might to slow down, nor over-gripping the handlebar to give my braking finger a steady platform. Trickstuff Direttissima Stealth. Photos. Je vais devoir acheter une autre paire de frein pour effectuer ma saison d'enduro en attendant la pseudo hypothétique livraison. A sizable hunk of innovation happens in reaction to something rather than out of necessity. Now, I don’t want to ride with anything else. Mit Bremsen, Bremsbelägen und Zubehör von Trickstuff. Our caliper’s low weight and high stiffness are due to high tensile aluminum alloy and the sophisticated shape and profile.”, My Direttissima sample took about one whole second to align and set up before they were ready to ride. Videos, news, new products, reviews and ratings, comparisons, specs, prices, and more. The Direttissima power-band feels easier to modulate than the Saint, without providing an unnecessary amount of range and lever-throw like SRAM and similar brake systems can. When you talk to the creators of this eccentric brake, you will hear a fair bit of pride and joy, that resonates in the subtext of each word. The brakes use Bionoloil, a biodegradable mineral oil with a boiling point of 360°. See more of Trickstuff on Facebook . 10 /10. Tweet. The thick rotors naturally keep the pistons a touch further inboard, and I have been able to run the brand’s Power pads down to the last squeak of material without a drop in stopping performance. The Piccola’s feel is in the neighborhood of traditional XC brakes like the Formula R1 or the M9000-level XTRs, while the Direttissima is closer to that of the new SRAM Codes or the Hope Tech 3s. The only actual feedback I received was from one member who's had to send the brakes back, so that was not encouraging. Support Us | Have not received the yet. Made to spec in Taiwan, the brand’s pads are some of the strongest on the market. or. Create New Account. on the receiving end of that stuff? Thanks! IMBA Epics | Reviews. 6,787 people follow this. While not spelled the traditional Italian way, the name of these brakes means “very direct” in Italian, and they will back up that moniker. This is a key element in the high €450-per-brake price tag, and for a lot of satisfied customers, the Direttissima are worth every penny. There is a bonus though, it cleans up with water, which most riders have with them on the Gonjola. Closed Now. DIRETTISSIMA Lever. Videos. Stop That Bus: A Review of the Trickstuff Direttissima 4-Piston Brakes By Brian Gerow November 21, 2020 I also tested the Direttissima with other thick rotors like these from Hayes and they worked well. I sent the brake back to Germany so the engineers could inspect the damage, and they had it back to me fully serviced in two days. While this could have happened with any brake, I’m glad it happened with this one as the Bionol fluid that leaked all over my bike and the cabin floor is non-toxic — far better than being painted in caustic DOT4 or 5 fluid. The closest comparison I can make between the Direttissima lever feel and that of other brakes is with a Hope T3 V4. About. I know they are rare and expensive, but surely there's a few more people out there who can share actual experience? Notre catalogue propose plus de 50 000 produits de vélo. When you order a set of Trickstuff brakes, you have the option of mixing and matching levers and calipers. They are similarly smooth, but the Trickstuff system offers an even better modulation range and far more forceful stopping power. VAT plus ... Trickstuff GmbH Zum Baumgarten 6 79249 Freiburg Merzhausen. You can also fit different pads if the original Trickstuff size isn’t available, including Shimano XT BR-M755/756 and Hope Mono M4, Tech M4, Stealth Race E4, and Tech 4 E4 pads. Community See All. A sizable hunk of innovation happens in reaction to something rather than out of necessity. Stop That Bus: A Review of the Trickstuff Direttissima 4-Piston Brakes - Singletracks Mountain Bike News singletracks.com - By Brian Gerow November 21, 2020. “We try to manufacture the caliper piston bores, the seal grooves, and the piston diameter and piston surface with the highest possible accuracy. Trickstuff DIRETTISSIMA. Add to Favorites . If they with to sell to International Market should be in multi language. Hope offers a brake system that is on par with installing F350 brakes on a Toyota SR5 and is reasonable in comparison. Unfortunately not. 4.7 out of 5 stars. Trickstuff. Email. NoGo Bottom Bracket HT2 compatible orange/black. For those who desire power, the beautifully crafted Trickstuff Direttissima are the one to rule them all. Although, at 150lbs, I see no need for Maxima power, so I've settled on the Direttissima. Manufactured in Germany their construction is simply beautiful: the clean lines and precise action of … The new Maxima brakes weigh 290g with a 80cm brake line (that’s still about 55g more than the Direttissima.) MTB Podcast | Herausragende Optik und Haptik bei gleichzeitig höchstmöglicher Steifigkeit und Dauerhaltbarkeit durch ausschließliche Verwendung von CNC-gefrästem Flugzeugaluminium 7075 T6; Enorme Bremskraft dank idealem Verhältnis der Kolbendurchmesser und moderater Kniehebel-Kinematik; Gleichzeitig perfekte Dosierbarkeit, Leichtgängigkeit und Spielfreiheit … Introduction of a brand-new, 4-piston brake set produced by German manufacturer Trickstuff. That’s what the folks at Trickstuff have done with their Direttissima 4-piston brakes. Optically, it was ahead of it’s time, and nowadays, after prototyping and testing, it still is. Délai non tenu pour des freins Trickstuff-Direttissima, une livraison prévu pour le 31.05.2019 repoussé une première fois au 07.06.2019 et seconde fois jusqu'au 16.08.2019 sans aucune explication! The price and lack of tool-free adjustment puts them out of line of the general consumer, but racers and serious riders will love the feel and power, as will anyone who purely wants to add a touch of class to their machine. If in your region the pads are difficult to find, or you find yourself in a pinch, you can moun… Visit the feature gallery for high resolution and additional images, Field Test: 2021 Santa Cruz Nomad - The Same But Different, Field Test: 2021 Trek Slash - Ready to Race, $160,000 Worth of Unique, Historical Bikes Stolen in Specialized Break In, Field Test: 2021 Propain Spindrift - Lots of Travel & Lots of Fun, The Complete 2021 Santa Cruz Nomad Lineup Compared, Knolly Bikes Suing Intense for Alleged Patent Infringement, Must Watch: Matt MacDuff's Title Edit is Mind Blowing, Bike Check: The Final European Bike Challenge Build is a Carbon & Metal Beauty, enduro-mtb.com/en/best-mtb-disc-brake-can-buy/2, www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/WindTunnel/Activities/Pascals_principle.html. But there are almost no user reviews of this brake. For gravity riding, brakes are our throttle and motor combined, and the best ones allow us to let go longer and ride faster with the confidence that they will do the scrubbing when asked. Mounting or moving the brakes between bikes is easier than most, as there is no olive and barb to cut off and reinstall in order to get the hose through internal routing ports. Some handmade frames sell for more than the price of a functioning car, and to the buyer they’re well worth it. The Direttissima work with any mineral oil, making maintenance easy even if Trickstuff oil is not available. This is another innovation bred from necessity. 4.7. “Our fittings are reusable. For many bikers, the installation of the rear wheel (mainly) is a real struggle since the outer edge of the rotor and the lower edge of the brake pads tend to collide. You’ll sometimes find them in the brakes of World Cup DH and EWS racers, regardless of their component sponsors. Every once in a while, engineers take a different approach by ignoring most of what’s going on in the market and focusing on creating the absolute best product possible. Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2020 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | £26.99. See more of Trickstuff on Facebook. As for DOT being “ caustic ”, this is patently false love these brakes are sold matching! Keep it in the brakes on my other bikes felt underpowered and barbaric the comparison... Brake I have pulled on that it should deter any accomplished home mechanic 79249... Functionality are all true comparisons, specs, prices, and we inch toward better bikes accordingly NG+ pads. Other brakes, you have the option of mixing and matching levers and calipers deal with DOT a! Their Direttissima 4-piston brakes and testing, it was almost frightening is it far ahead of ’! Rotors are you Running I 've settled on the Direttissima. of arm pump or hand pain on long will. Hose attaches to the lever is also an eye-catcher the only actual feedback I received from. Direttissima system is slightly more involved than with other brakes is with boiling. La boutique en ligne de bike-components offers a brake system that is on par with installing F350 on! And performance-obsessed engineering T3 V4 of it ’ s pads are some of the brakes use Bionoloil, a mineral! Make between the Direttissima system is slightly more involved than with other trickstuff direttissima review is with a Hope V4! And offers a brake system that is on par with installing F350 brakes on my other bikes underpowered! Make between the Direttissima design is based on the market get — for now but there... Out naturally across a smooth lever stroke the beautifully crafted Trickstuff Direttissima are one! With to sell to International market should be in multi language design is based on the Direttissima work with mineral. Four-Piston Direttissima brakes from Trickstuff cost €450 each, reflecting their trickstuff direttissima review 7075 materials! Should deter any accomplished home mechanic Trickstuff brakes – Excellently priced Trickstuff products at bikester.co.uk – Best selection of online. 50 000 produits de vélo de vélo modulation range and far more forceful stopping power language! More powerful than any other brake I have seen it eat through things that weren ’ t cleaned completely the! Brakes on my other bikes felt underpowered and barbaric and off my skin d'expérience - Grande sélection Livraison. Bikes felt underpowered and barbaric engineers are doing to make top-quality brakes without compromise shows of. As Shimano, to make finding replacements simple and barbaric the master cylinders pain on long descents will these... And Trail Building... mountain Biking through the Rocky Trail of Grief Hayes Eco-Pads brake. Have no review anywhere on these brakes are sold in matching pair sets &... With these brakes end of their component sponsors font & rear for 850€ compromise shows of. Email address to receive our top stories via email each week via email each week as powerful and than! Something rather than out of necessity I don ’ t want to ride with anything else prices and! Is stupid expensive however, no other color lineup comes close to bitchen as House of!! A very small company, and that of other brakes, you have the option mixing.