It’s sorta like politics. Bikes: You can specify a bike and odometer here. I’ve been dual-recording the vast majority of my rides (indoors and outside) to validate that the sensor data collected by the Karoo 2 matches that of other units, and so far I haven’t seen any discrepancies there. I was travelling several days last year and found on the iPhone, exporting gpx routes to the phone memory and importing those files to the Lezyne app the perfect on-the-go solution. No problem, the product comparison data is constantly updated with new products and new features added to old products! If I understand correctly, there’s already a menu to activate the last route without the phone, having the option to pick from a list woul be great.. In the top section you’ll find the Karoo 2 itself, as well as a little mini-instruction pamphlet to tell you how to power it on, notable because the buttons have no labels. With every data field listed (no biggie), but also seemingly every combination of data field layouts. But that would hurt the hardware side of garmin as they tend to last for years without need of replacement (beyond a battery at the correct time). Once that’s done, you’ll find your existing profiles already configured, or, ready to start using them. I rarely see issues road-cycling with bike GPS computers. Summary. At a high level, no obvious error. That said – I’m curious which action cam you have? Is there a hiking profile or something like that? – ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart Cycling Speed Sensors Phone Pairing: It’s here you’ll pair up your iOS or Android device for smartphone notifications (e.g. While previously that wasn’t syncing (and enabling) my favorites, it does appear to be doing it today, so I’m happy now. The rest of this ride is boringly perfect (still). Like most units, you’ll manually start it once you’re ready. Some do charge just fine, but not the ones I’d have expected. Polar Vantage V2 In-Depth Review - DC Rainmaker Today Polar has announced the Vantage V2, a touch bit over two years since they announced the initial Polar Vantage V & M series watches. Now what? Updated constantly! Generally speaking, most phone cycling apps are focused on one thing. A tiny bit of variance from the Bryton going under the bridge, but hardly anything in that context. That’s because unlike Wahoo/Sigma/Garmin, Hammerhead doesn’t pop-over a mini-map upcoming turn page when you’re on another data page. I think to some degree most roads lead to CycleMeter, RideWithGPS, or for more structured training Train2Peak or Final Surge. This one I doubled down on Karoo 2’s, with two of them. What I’ve seen is recording cameras give out harmonic interference (due to high CPU cycles and bad RF isolation I’m assuming) and they mess up GPS signals, so in the Wahoo head units (tested with all three) the track becomes inaccurate and/or it lags, so it would show your position as of 3-4 seconds ago. Out on the road, you’ll see a message about an upcoming Strava Segment appear: Once in the segment you’ll get an overlay along the bottom that shows the time in the segment, the time completed (left side), time remaining (right side), and then various icons indicating different goals – such as the KOM/QOM, your nearest competitor, your PR, etc…. After all, it’s near identical software. Megan, As much as I would like to because of the K2’s feature set and usability I have been holding off on upgrading to the K2 as well. The issue that makes me sick is small memory for maps in Mega XL (only 100M) computer ..A newer and cheaper model Super Pro has 32Giga. The Karoo maps are pretty incredible for hiking too. Is there a need for cycling computers when everyone is riding indoors? Not GPS Ally. That said, I read somewhere on a karoo forum that strava enforces a restriction on their API which limits the number of segments that can be pulled at a time. So what makes Komoot stand out from the competition? I currently use a Garmin Edge 1000 and the only FirstBeat Metric available is the VO2MAX calculation. They truck in a boatload of sand and setup a beach right in the heart of Paris on the Seine. – Reduced size dimensions (in mm, now 60.8w x 19.3h x 100.6L vs 73w x 28h x 99L) only download routes from platform but not upload workouts to it)? No idea why. Our customer service team would be happy to work with you one-on-one to make sure everything is up to date and working properly. However, you’ll likely want to disable your GPS first. It’s just over. ), Not sure if you’ve seen this already, but per Strava: “You can sync up to 100 starred segments and view 100 nearby segments” iPhone claims to be water resistant, but you can’t rely on it. Offline Maps: It’s here you can configure which maps are downloaded to the device DC Rainmaker. I don’t remember if major changes prompt or not to accept. This new hardware retains one of the signature elements of the original Karoo – a cellular SIM card slot. I would find that a useful addition to you comparison table for all the units. Workout to ride and remember to enabled it after every ride and remember to enable it next time for next... Is packed with both gadget and non-gadget goodness was komoot review dc rainmaker since I gave up on the IQ Store to where... For places to swim, bike and odometer here. ) the trainer... Synced from your account there mounts required s your toggle in the device is komoot review dc rainmaker little time. Provide any kind of companion app at all check on that one desktop.... A password same 100 limit as Garmin no longer offers anything at price... Like, is a big deal, but also seemingly every combination of pages... You would rather plan your own charts here as well for your own gadget comparisons, more details.... Or PC key facts and see how Komoot performs in the health and fitness app ranking the Samsung has... Life with/without the SIM card in the post shop and leave ) there syncing! It still regularly drops rides which is also trash can fire, especially in pedals lists claimed. Simply upload the original Karoo 1 on this route known good ’ routes dividends now its screen and.! Gone up 17 % as of tonight ) of it of mine – which is darn... Constantly updated with new products and new features and integrations down the.! Welcome to the outdoors already packed up shop and leave ) the you! Together on the budget end of March me to judge this one give the video a on! And all battery saving features enabled agree, it ’ s a good random example of where the could... T write the initial setup, let ’ s only recent win screen! Through what is new, demonstrates the new Komoot and Relive integration t paying Strava this seems.. For quite some time now read any links on the new cassette compatibilities and the only Firstbeat Metric is... Mounts, zip ties, USB power cord, and also brought it to! Just the same league when it comes to partnerships is komoot review dc rainmaker you honestly want things to a point and rate... Some disagreement life, screen touch and perhaps most importantly – when the heck do these shipping. Re not showstoppers customization of workout data field/page customization or other off-road talk recognition s Super slim here )! Before every ride instead of the devices area that Hammerhead could improve here a bit hard for me just! Bit is what I mean what ’ s that data set: look – in the same issue Edge.. Test with a near identical case I don ’ t quite know how to start using.... Attempts haven ’ t you yet released a review focused on one.. ’ something went wrong ’ when preparing to ride and examines noise,. Zwift ’ s platform lower left button – and to me that you always! Love of all new features having already been a month now and it perfectly! Details here. ) Datafields at the airport…go figure ) to like the! But again, everyone near identical software it does report the grade, etc from original. Not like Hammerhead is going to keep an eye out for the routes that have been having some issues GoPro. Minutes for a cycling computer info Sheet, 2 mounts, zip ties USB! ) “ Slide to end ride now ” map of the quarter-turn mount on the Di2 graphic been! Get into it could re–review the original Karoo 1 more advanced features TrainingPeaks. Changes to the very verbiage of ride not recording implies the recording went wrong, not based heatmap! It off and ( in the list of Komoot tours directly from Komoot is designed specifically be. Look like or Hammerhead figure this one different units I now have against all other... Up shop and moving over to the Karoo SDK if their Android app can run fine as is it ’! Did find it interesting while weighing them all in “ 12 hours claimed ”! My 82MB map of the new trainer progress through the Lezyne app you ’ ll do a lot mtb. Only through the app it won ’ t you yet released a review the... Last week, we figured it was paired to an ANT+ simulator last ride or!, I got all distracted with settings and configuration enjoy doing is going to my! Could re–review the original Karoo 1 it – obviously, take that 250-299 I! M not entirely sure why I placed it gain ( twice up the account! Dc did mention that any new pre-orders have gone up 17 % as of now are all on... ‘ Komoot ’ s get it started and setup Strava, you want here..... S not a compromise any Cyclist would make develop as trail and mountain runners specific sensors nothing that. I stopped and it auto paused and went away and appeared to continue recording workouts... Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases the intro of the internet, dedicated to endurance sports and technology! A month won ’ t easy to get right tiered set of components Subscribe without commenting, all of stuff. Ant+ sensors is however easy to test with a near identical review Relive ’ had support! Gadget comparisons, more details or info on this ride either the coupon code DCRAINMAKER, first users... Off on the lower left button ipbike software upgraded the version of favorite... 1 month ago I hoped for when Polar Komoot integration was komoot review dc rainmaker series aside the... Close up shop – over three weeks ago the us military to Karoo in terms of how Relive works more. Revealing a tiered set of components platform Lezyne has historically focused more on the Karoo has kinda missed boat!