Awww Sugar

Updating fitness sweetness.

The fitness community is very small and I had the wonderful pleasure of getting to collaborate on a bunch of new features for Daxko owned SugarWOD. I worked with three different teams over a short time period to create something truly compelling.

The highlight for me during this whole collaboration was getting to meet and work with so many of the talented people who make up the SugarWOD family.


My Role
Journey Mapping
Screen Flows
Visual Design
Interaction Design

Android, iOS 



First of the many projects we collaborated on together. We worked hard on creating a design language that expanded into other areas of the app from here. If a class was full, if you had a reserved spot, who taught the class… all of these ideas being communicated the same regardless of where you looked at it from whether it was the Schedule page, Reservations, Notifications, or Confirmation screens.

This was the hardest of all the design briefs for SugarWOD.


Squad, Friends, Social

Name to be determened for this section of the app, but one thing that's clear, it's the central hub for all communication. From here, get a curated feed of whom your following, see a combination of workout results, imagery, video, announcements from the gym, ads from vendors.

While everything looks familiar to the popular social media platforms out there, a couple of things are more SugarWOD centric for interactivity.


Instead of likes, it's the SugarWOD fist bump. Instead of displaying a like counter, it's about did you give that SugarWOD bump. Remind members that it's time to sign up for the inhouse competition. Celebreate the important milestones, celebrate each other, keep one another accountable and goal oriented. And of course, there's that opportunity for vendors to drop advertisements inline and direct people over to the store.

Navigation, Gym Switching, & hamburgers

There was just so much goodness to the SugarWOD platform, we looked at the IA and trying to make it easier for the SugarWOD community to get around.


One of my favorite ideas that didn't come to fruition was this notion of getting rid of the hamburger menu and having it expand upward from the main navigation.

After some quick testing with the populace, it was deemed a bit too progressive for the community that relies on SugarWOD.

Branding & A modular Design Language

The SugarWOD brand had so many neat ideas going on graphically. In parralell with each project, I worked hard to build a design language the enhanced the existing brand and allowed itself to work across other brands.